Whatever the question is, chocolate is the answer.
Whatever the chocolate is, BAR/BAR is the answer.

Please welcome BAR/BAR to your life. I am sure it will bring more colours. The inspiration to create BAR/BAR comes from my visit to artisanal chocolatiers in London where I can casually pick up a bar of chocolate over the counter as a snack. BAR/BAR is one of my proud and playful creations, which comes in sleek individual bar size with stylish packaging. As a treat, BAR/BAR focuses on highlighting chocolate with different intense flavor and combines it with different texture of crunches. All variants are crafted with crème de la crème of ingredients. Hence, BAR/BAR is barbarously addictive. Don’t say I don’t warn you.

BAR/BAR is available in individual pack or a selection of 6 in a colourful trendy box, making BAR/BAR a perfect gift for any occasion.

Proudly made by H&CO in Indonesia.

-Howard Chandra

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