To order, a PO (purchase order) must be submitted 2-3 days in advance with the following details: company name, PIC, date & time of delivery, food item details, and/or any special requests to:

  • Email: info@howey.co (with the subject: PO Wholesale ‘company name’ & date)
  • Call or WhatsApp: +6281 1658 8181


  • H&CO Wholesale will prepare and deliver the food item according to the received PO (Purchase Order).
  • Complimentary delivery for every wholesale order around Medan city area.
  • Wholesale client (or recipient of wholesale products) is requested to check the quality and count the quantity of food delivered and sign a GRN (goods received note) document upon delivery. H&CO Wholesale will not entertain any latter claims of food quality and quantity.
  • For HORECA clients, all food items will be delivered in plain white boxes or craft boxes.
  • For Corporate clients, all cakes and hampers will be delivered in H&CO brands boxes.


  • Please feel free to consult any cake, bread, or pastry product to suit your company's needs and budget.
  • Personalization such as logo branding and special custom cakes are available for request and discussion.
  • For Corporate clients, a minimum of 15 cakes or hampers orders per month, or 150 cakes or hampers orders per year is required to be eligible for Corporate Wholesale prices.




  • All rates quoted are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  • H&CO Wholesale will accumulate all orders at the end of one month, then we will send the invoices (soft & hard copy) to clients. Clients will have 14 (fourteen) days to settle the payment.
  • If the payment was not settled within 14 (fourteen) days in the following month, H&CO Wholesale has the right to temporarily discontinue the supply. We will resume after all payment is settled.
  • Credit card payment will incur an additional 3% processing fee from the total amount.
  • H&CO Priority card is not valid for further discount.


Payment is accepted in cash, payable cheque, or bank transfer to:
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
8250055448 / Howard Chandra


  • In case of cancellation or postponement of wholesale order, please give us a written notification or phone call at least 1 (one) day before the delivery date. Cancellation on the day will incur a 50% surcharge.
  • H&CO Wholesale can not be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control, such as cancellation of order due to new law & regulations, force majeure (riots, terrorist attack, insurrection, and natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes, etc), and other similar events. If any mentioned event occurs, H&CO Wholesale will assist clients to make an alternative arrangement to the best of its capacity.



  • Please be advised due to the warnings on some of the ingredients used in the kitchen, there may be traces of nut, wheat, soy, meat, and dairy in all of our food.




  • H&CO Wholesale reserves the right to take photography of the wholesale food items for documentation and social media or online publishing purposes.
  • We offer clients to promote their brands and the final product (which one of the ingredients is supplied by H&CO Wholesale) via our social media or email blast.
  • If the client wishes the company logo to be published on our website, the client may submit the logo to email: info@howey.co 

+6281 1658 8181
by appointment only