We have bread, toasts, rolls, cakes, cookies, and bottled beverages ready in our stores. If you need specific products at a specific date and time, you may place your order via:
Call / Whatsapp +6281 1654 8448
Food Delivery GoFood & GrabFood

Email info@howey.co
Please list your full name, contact number, email, delivery request, address, and any special requests such as greetings or the date and time you require your products to be ready upon ordering. After your order has been placed, full payment is to be paid directly to us by cash, payable cheques, credit card, or bank transferred to:

Bank Central Asia (BCA)
8250055448 / Howard Chandra


At Gourmand, we are committed to using only the finest quality local ingredients available in all our products. Each of the creations that Gourmand offers is handmade by a team of trained and talented chefs and cooks in our production kitchen.


Please be advised that due to the warnings on some ingredients used at our kitchen, there may be traces of egg, nuts, soy, dairy, and wheat products in all our products. Please contact us for further information.


All our products are freshly made in-store daily and have a short shelf life. Please keep all products in room temperature, covered, and away from direct sunlight at all times. Please consume within this recommended shelf life:
Bread 2 days
3 days
5 days
Bottled Beverage 
4 days
After the time frame, a slight deterioration of the product finishing may appear, however, the taste will not differ much. To get maximum enjoyment of your Gourmand products, we recommend you consume within the suggested shelf life.


We deliver around Medan city area with a delivery charge of IDR 30,000 per trip per address (flat-rate) and we do deliveries from 10.00 – 18.00 daily. For delivery, please provide us with the recipient’s name, full address, and contact number for smooth delivery. We will try our best to fulfill delivery on time, but we cannot guarantee due to unforeseen conditions such as weather and traffic.


It is important to remember that all bread and cakes are very delicate and fragile. To avoid any damage during transportation, we recommend that you keep your boxes flat at all times and avoid placing them under the sunlight. The floor or boot of your car is the best place, never on the back seat. Please ensure your boxes are secure and will not slide around.

Please note that once your bread and cakes are in your care, it is important to follow these instructions as we will not take any responsibility for any damage incurred after you pick up the hampers and cakes.


We are dedicated to combating food waste in all our businesses. Since March 2021, we partnered up with local food bank Aksata Pangan to donate every unsold bread for our friends-in-need in Medan. We hope by donating our unsold products we could eliminate food waste and having an even more sustainable business.
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