• Please order your food minimum 72-hour notice to ensure availability.
  • Any personalization of food items (i.e: logo, initials, less sugar, etc) needs to be informed beforehand and is subject to availability and agreement.
  • The final menu and quantity must be confirmed at least 4 (four) days before the event.
  • Clients must provide H&CO Event with a valid loading letter at least 2 (two) days before the event date from the venue where the event will be held. Failure to obtain a loading letter might cause delay or cancellation of the event service.


  • H&CO Event will prepare, deliver and serve the food according to the list on the signed agreement.
  • Standard disposable cutleries, paper trays, and napkins are included in an event service.
  • All on-site event is an inclusive minimum of 2 (two) butlers or more depending on the size of the event.
  • The maximum event service is 4 (four) hours.
  • The client (or a representative) is requested to count the quantity of food brought to the venue and sign a GRN (goods received note) document before the event starts. H&CO Event will not entertain any latter claims of food quantity.
  • H&CO Event will provide takeaway boxes for the unfinished food from the event.  However, we will not be responsible for any damaged or mistreated takeaway foods after the event.
  • Please note that H&CO Event will not serve or display any food & beverage brought by clients or from other vendors during the event service (unless notified upon agreement).


  • All food will be displayed according to the H&CO Event standard template.
  • For the grand dessert display, a minimum area of 4m (length) x 2m (width) is required (exclude queue line) for the blue cart and tables.
  • A basic blue H&CO foldable backdrop will be provided upon request.
  • Any custom display, backdrop, or decoration is to be provided by the client or third party (florist, decorator, etc) unless stated otherwise.



  • All rates quoted herein are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  • The minimum charge of outside catering is IDR 6,800,000 (six million and eight hundred thousand rupiahs)
  • For orders below minimum charge, event setting with 2 (two) butlers service will incur a charge of IDR 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs) per service.
  • A deposit of IDR 4,000,000 (four million rupiahs) - non-refundable -  is needed to guarantee an event service and to be paid at least 2 (two) weeks before the event date.
  • H&CO Priority card is not valid for further discount. The final payment is to be settled 3 (three) days before the event.
  • If the payment is not settled before the service, H&CO Event has the right to only provide the amount of food based on the amount that has already been paid.
Payment is accepted in cash, credit card, payable cheque, or bank transfer to:
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
8250055448 / Howard Chandra


  • Any deposit or cost incurred such as a corkage charge from the venue is to be paid by the client.
  • In any event, if additional electricity supply is needed (for fridge, oven, coffee machine, etc), the arrangement and any surcharge incurred shall be settled by the client, unless stated otherwise.
  • H&CO Event holds the right to refuse or cancel the event at any time if an inappropriate subject matter is established. The subject includes sexually explicit material, discrimination (religion, gender, age, race, etc), anti-government or political beliefs, or any subject that H&CO may deem inappropriate. Event contents must obey the national and local rules and regulations.


  • In case of cancellation or postponement of the event, written notification must be made at least 1 (one) week before the event date.
  • H&CO Event cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control, such as cancellation due to new law & regulations, force majeure (riots, terrorist attack, virus outbreak, insurrection, and natural disaster such as fire, earthquakes, etc), and other similar events. If any mentioned event occurs, H&CO Event will assist clients to make alternative arrangements to the best of its capacity.
  • In the event of any cancellation, H&CO Event will not refund or transfer the deposit made.



  • Some of the food items may contain alcohol. Please ask our staff if you wish to omit any alcohol in the food.
  • Please be advised due to the warnings on some of the ingredients used in the kitchen, there may be traces of egg, nut, wheat, soy, meat, and dairy in all of our food.



  • H&CO Event reserves the right to take photographs of the event service for documentation and social media or online and offline publishing purposes.

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