B2B Corporate & HORECA Wholesale

Being one of the pioneers of modern pastry and bakery in Indonesia, we are proud and blessed to still stand firm and continue growing our business passionately in this increasingly competitive industry. Over the years, our vision remains the same as a market-leading player hence our mission is to improve the quality and service, invent new exciting creations and create a sustainable business.

The Wholesale section of H&CO is to reinvent the quality of wholesale products and services available in the market. With personalized service and excellent quality of gourmets, H&CO Wholesale offers a luxury solution for corporate companies and HORECA establishment in providing the needs and wants. Enjoy a whole new level of wholesale selections designed for your convenience and comfort.


Let us delight your clients and guests with a range of gourmet gifts on their special occasions. Be prepared to seal the deal with our bespoke collection of gourmet gifts, hampers, and cakes; the best way to send a delicious gift all year round!


Fully packed with handcrafted cookies, chocolates and other delicious gourmets, our selection of hampers are second to none. Impress your clients with our range of curated gifts and hampers, and let our quality do its magic. A great alternative gift to a perishable birthday cake on your client’s special day. Special custom gifts & hampers with your company’s logo are available upon discussion.


Who doesn’t love receiving cakes? Our range of wholesale cakes is available to WOW even your picky-est clients. Let our cake shines and leaves a mark on your client’s big day, co-branding with your company's style and image. A complimentary greeting card and/or company logo on top of the cake are available. Special custom cakes (shape, size, flavors, etc) are also available upon discussion.


Perfect for meetings, seminars, launchings, grand openings, and gatherings, our snack boxes are filled with a selection of delicious meeting munches and a bottle of mineral water. A quick and convenient solution to make everyone happy and full! Please refer to the snack box section on H&CO Event.


Offer your guests the luxury and delicious identity of your company. Our staff will gladly assist you with your needs and budgets. Let it be a bar of customized chocolate or a unique cookie that is perfectly in line with your company image, making every occasion an unforgettable gourmand moment.


Entertaining and Pampering your clients in your office has never been this convenient. Indulge the board of directors, your guests, and clients with a scrumptious selection of freshly made bread, cakes, and other yummies delivered to your doorstep daily. Every menu is available for tailored requests.


Our curated HORECA wholesale menu offers an extended quality of gourmet. With a great selection of bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies, filling up your pastry showcase & extending the dessert menu won’t be a hassle!


We supply freshly baked bread for your team to transform into a masterpiece of your establishment. Be it a gourmet burger, wholesome sandwich, or killer frankfurter, tell us your bread needs and wants. All breads are freshly baked to order.


Present a range of mouthwatering cakes and sweets at the dessert menu or cake display for your customer to accompany their leisure time at your establishment All our products are available for freezing and defrost upon serving on the day.


Fill up your pastry display with a selection of delicious buttery pastries. We offer a wide range of flaky croissant, danish, puff pastry to delight your customers. All pastries are made with 100% butter and are freshly baked prior to your order.


Didn’t see something that suits your needs and wants? Let us know and we will cater custom products for you.



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