About H&CO

It All Started With An Instinct...

An instinct to continually aim for excellence. H&CO is the grand blueprint to encompass and refine all of the founder's, Howard, endeavors: to be at the forefront of the nation's gourmet gifts and lifestyle industry. H&CO sets out to provide an even greater service as a purveyor of exquisite taste and refined luxury. The inspiration for growth has always been empowered by the growing demands of the cultured urbanites, thus inspiring the H&CO mission to promise the creation of more distinctive products, those that span beyond desserts and into gifts, lifestyle and merchandises. With so much emphasis on quality, taste, and passion, it's no wonder all H&CO creation embodies the company philosophy of:

"Satisfying the pleasure seeker to come for the excitement, leave with enlivened senses and inspired minds"

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Welcome to the wonderful sweet world of HOWEY, a charming little store at Jalan Babura Lama Medan offering the finest cakes and sweets. Welcomed its first customer in 2012, HOWEY has gained many loves from the society through creative creations such as French Macarons, Petit Gateaux, Entremets, Pies & Émotion Crème Pots. Discover extensive choice of sweets made with best-available ingredients for your personal indulge and celebrations.

HOWEY Patissier

Jalan Babura Lama No 4

Medan 20153, Indonesia
+62821 6717 4480
Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00 daily

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Harper & Cordon lights up the perspective of the gourmet scene in Indonesia with the commitment to bringing high-quality gourmets in beautiful packagings. The innovation is brought by the vision of its founder Howard that continues to this day to inspire and influence the art of gourmet gifting.

Gourmet Gifts has been a part of the daily exceptional lifestyle, always in search of its marvelous taste and refinement. Discover handcrafted gourmets made from excellent ingredients and crafted with contrasting textures and sensations, making it extraordinary gifts and treats for every occasion. A masterpiece that revolves around fine craftmanship and finishes, all serve to indulge and impress. Taking the steps further, Harper & Cordon is committed to expanding its immaculate service and products by providing lifestyle merchandise and custom corporate wholesale.

Moving beyond, chic, elegant, and iconic define the packaging designs of our formidable creations inspired by the French Artists’ works such as Monet, Alexandre Malheiro, and Robert Delaunay. Enter into the world of gourmet gifts and let yourself be surprised by Harper & Cordon's creations. Every timeless creation expresses pleasure and happiness in each gesture.

Master of Gourmet Gift for every Occasion!

Jalan Kartini No 8B/14

Medan 20152, Indonesia
+6281 1618 3018
+6281 1604 3018
+6261 455 1512

Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00 daily

Shop Online: www.harperandcordon.com
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Berbicara tentang sarapan pagi atau cemilan sore, tentu tak lepas dari kreasi Gourmand. Nikmati beragam pilihan roti, pastry, cake dan cookies yang tidak hanya lezat namun juga berkualitas tinggi. Dikemas secara higienis dan modern, produk-produk inovatif Gourmand siap untuk Anda dinikmati bersama keluarga dan kerabat di momen apapun. Sebuah mahakarya anak Medan yang berkomitmen tinggi untuk menjadikan Gourmand, Bakery Pilihan Keluarga Indonesia.

Bakery Pilihan Keluarga Indonesia

Jalan Kartini No 8B/14
Medan 20152, Indonesia
+6281 1654 8448
Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00 daily

Jalan Sumatra No 44
Medan 20211, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 09.00-20.30 daily

GrabKitchen Mega Park
Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00 daily

Grabkitchen Pasar Tiga
Opening Hours: 09.00-21.00 daily

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Welcome to the world of planning, hosting, and entertaining! Planning your food & beverage for your social and events has never been this convenient. Discover a spread of party food, exciting packages, and outside catering designed with convenience in mind so you don’t even have to lift a finger on your special day. When it comes to celebration food, H&CO Event got you covered.


+6281 1658 8181

by appointment only

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Being one of the pioneers of modern pastry and bakery in Indonesia, we are proud and blessed to still stand firm and continue growing our business passionately in this increasingly competitive industry. Over the years, our vision remains the same as a market-leading player hence our mission is to improve the quality and service, invent new exciting creations and create a sustainable business.

The Wholesale section of H&CO is to reinvent the quality of wholesale products and services available in the market. With personalized service and excellent quality of gourmets, H&CO Wholesale offers a luxury solution for corporate companies and HORECA establishment in providing the needs and wants. Enjoy a whole new level of wholesale selections designed for your convenience and comfort.


+6281 1658 8181
by appointment only