About H&CO

It All Started With An Instinct...

An instinct to continually aim for excellence. The H&CO company is the grand blueprint to encompass and refine all of the founder’s, Howard Chandra, endeavors: To be at the forefront of the nation's gourmet gifts and lifestyle industry. H&CO sets out to provide an even greater service as a purveyor of exquisite taste and refined luxury. The inspiration for growth has always been empowered by the growing demands of the cultured urbanites, thus inspiring the H&CO mission to promise the creation of more distinctive products, those that span beyond desserts and into gifts, lifestyle and merchandises.

With so much emphasis on quality, taste, and passion it's no wonder all H&CO creations embodies the H&CO company philosophy of
'Satisfying the pleasure seekers to come for the excitement, leave with enlivened senses & inspired minds'.

The Man Behind H&CO - Howard Chandra

Born and raised in Indonesia to a family of restaurateur, Howard's innate passion for culinary arts has been ignited at a tender age. Upon high school graduation, quipped with his rich imagination, big aspirations and two large suitcases, he left the country to hone his craft at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, finishing top of class in 2011.

Howard's various sojourns throughout Australasia & Europe has given him valuable insights on architecture and food, two things he wishes to introduce to his hometown. Inspired, he returns home, rolled up his sleeves, put on his apron and got to work.

The year 2012 saw the humble beginnings of a charming little corner shop in Jalan Babura Lama - Medan, named HOWEY Patissier, offering freshly baked high quality French Pastry to thrilled epicureans. In just a few years since its initial conception, HOWEY Patissier has become a household name in the industry. This has also catapulted Howard into the limelight as a highly recognized and celebrated pastry connoisseur in the region.

Howard has gone to further developed countless creative campaigns and also two new premises under the H&CO parent company.
Word on the streets now is that a trip to Medan is not complete without a visit to any one of the H&CO stores.

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