Frequently Asked Questions


We have all cakes, macarons, gourmet, gifts and hampers ready in our stores in Medan. You may place your order via:
Hotline +6281 1604 3018 (whatsapp available)
or directly visit one of our stores in Medan.

If you are ordering through our website, please select your desired products and click "Add to cart". Once you have made your selection and added everything to your cart, you can follow the next steps to confirm your order by clicking "Checkout".

Please list your full name, contact number, email, shipping options*, address, and any special requests such as greetings or the date and time you require your products to be ready.

After your order has been placed, full payment is to be paid directly to us by credit card (via doku payment gateway) or bank transferred to:

*/we can only ship to a single address. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to multiple addresses for the same order. If you require shipping to few different addresses, you will need to place two or more separate orders.

*/please note that products under HOWEY Patissier, Event and Wholesale are available for in-store pick up and delivery around Medan city area only.


We will dispatch your order the next working day after we received your order and full payment.

Please note that we only use JNE YES or JNE REG courier service on all our nationwide shipping (unless stated otherwise).

H&CO takes no responsibility for melted product in remote destinations, however we take all measures to ensure this does not happen. We take great care with the shipping of your order to ensure that it arrives in optimal condition. To ensure that your order does not get too hot, we use thermal insulated packagings with hard corrugated box.


If you notice our products with the tag " Store Exclusive", that means the particular product are too fragile to ship nationwide. It will be only available in our stores and/or delivery around Medan city only.


If you have received a valid promotional code, you can enter it when you are reviewing your order on your Shopping Cart. At this stage, a box will appear at the bottom right with the words ‘Discount Coupon Code’. Fill in your valid promotional code and click ‘Update’.


Delivery service

We deliver around Medan city area with a delivery charge of IDR 30,000 per trip per address (flat rate) and we do deliveries from 10.00 – 18.00 daily. Complimentary delivery is available for purchase over IDR 800,000 (for one address). 
For delivery, please provide us with recipient’s name, full address and contact number for smooth delivery. We will try our best to fulfill delivery on time, but we cannot guarantee due unforeseen condition such as weather and traffic.

Transportation & Care for Pick-up
it is important to remember that all cakes and hampers are very delicate and fragile. To avoid any damage during the transportation, we recommend that you keep your boxes flat at all times anad avoid placing under the sunlight. The floor or boot of your car is the best place, never on the back seat. Please ensure your boxes are secure and will not slide around. We highly suggest not transporting cakes with motorcycle.
Please note that once your hampers and cakes are in your care, it is important to follow these instructions as we will not take any responsilbility for any damage incurred after you pick up the hampers and cakes.


We reccomend you to store the perishable products in the fridge and the hamper in cool and dry place. All our products has short shelf life. For dry gourmet goods, please refer to the “best before” dates at the back of each gourmet. 


We accept custom corporate cakes, event favors, gift boxes and hampers for minimum order of 50 pieces and above. Please consult with one of our staffs and allow at least 14 days notice before delivery or pick up.


Please be advised that due to the warnings on some ingredients used at our kitchen, there may be traces of nuts, soy, dairy and wheat products in all our products.


Please order carefully as we cannot exchange or refund goods due to the perishable nature of the product. We can only cancel and refund your order if it has not yet been shipped. Once your order has left our store, we can no longer process changes of products or refund. 

We are confident that you will love our products. We understand that there are cases when things do not go perfectly as we intend. If that's the case, we want to hear from you on our products.

If you are not fully satisfied with our products or if your order has been received in an unacceptable condition, please reach us at:
Hotline +6281 1604 3018
within 7 (seven) days of your purchase with receipts as proof of purchase. We will, at discretion, arrange a replacement or full product refund (less shipping and other handling fees).


To order, a PO (purchase order) must be submitted 2-3 days in advance with the following details: company name, PIC, date & time of delivery, food item details and/or any special requests to:
- Email: (with subject : PO Wholesale ‘company name’ & date)
- Call or whatsapp: +628116588181 / +62614550309

Delivery & Handling
- H&CO Wholesale will prepare and deliver the food item according to received PO (Purchase Order).
- Complimentary delivery for every wholesale order around Medan city area.
- Wholesale client (or recipient of wholesale products) is requested to check the quality and count the quantity of food delivered and sign a GRN (goods received note) document upon delivery. H&CO Wholesale will not entertain any latter claims of food quality and quantity.
- For HoReCa clients, all food items will be delivered in plain white box or craft box.
- For Corporate clients, all cakes and hampers will be delivered in H&CO brands boxes.

Consultation & Customization
- Please feel free to consult any cake, bread or pastry product to suit your company needs and budget.
- Personalization such as logo branding, special custom cakes are available for request and discussion.
- For Corporate clients, a minimum of 8 cakes or hampers order per month is required to be eligible for Corporate Wholesale prices.

- In case of cancellation or postponement of wholesale order, please give us a written notification or phonecall at least 1 (one) day before the delivery date. Cancellation on the day will incur 50% surcharge.
- H&CO Wholesale can not be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control, such as cancellation of order due to new law & regulations, force majeure (riots, terrorist attack, insurrection and natural disater such as fire, earthquakes etc) and other similar events. If any mentioned event occurs, H&CO Wholesale will assist clients to make alternative arrangement to the best of its capacity.

Allergy, Intolerance and Warnings
- Please be advised due to the warnings on some of the ingredients used in the kitchen, there may be traces of nut, wheat, soy, meat and dairy in all of our food

Promotion, Photography & Publishing
- H&CO Wholesale reserves the right to take photography of the wholesale food items for documentation and social media or online publishing purposes.
- We offer clients to promote their brands and the final product (which one of the ingredients is supplied by H&CO Wholesale) via our social media or email blast.
- If client wishes the company logo to be published on our website, client may submit the logo to email:


- The basic rule is “ Less is more”. It is recommended to offer a smaller range of foods in a greater quantity rather than a greater range in a smaller quantity. Depending the quantity and size of the main course served in your event, we suggest the following amounts:
Pre-lunch or dinner event: 1-2 pieces per guest.
- Refreshment 2-3 hours drink party: 4-6 pieces per guest.
- Dessert after lunch or dinner: 2-3 pieces per guest.
- Afternoon tea: 6-8 pieces per guest.
We recommend 4-6 types of food items for dessert display or pass-around, 3-4 types of foods for three tier display.
- Complimentary food tasting up to 8 (eight) types for 2 (two) pax.
- Any personalization of food items (eg: logo, initials, less sugar, etc) need to be  informed beforehand and is subject to availability and agreement.
- Final menu and quantity must be confirmed at least 4 (four) days prior to the event.
- Clients must provide H&CO Event with a valid loading letter at least 2 (two) days prior to event date from the venue where the event will be held. Failure to obtain a loading letter might cause delay or cancellation of the event service.

On the day
- H&CO Event will prepare, deliver and serve the food according to the list on the signed agreement.
- Standard disposable cutleries, paper trays and napkins are inclusive in an event service.
- All on-site event is inclusive minimum of 2 (two) butlers or more depending on the size of the event.
- Maximum event service is 4 (four) hours.
- Client (or a representative) is requested to count the quantity of food brought to the venue and sign a GRN (goods received note) document before the event starts.  H&CO Event will not entertain any latter claims of food quantity.
- H&CO Event will provide takeaway boxes for the un-finished food from the event.  However, we will not be responsible for any damaged or mistreated takeaway foods after the event.
- Please note that H&CO Event will not serve or display any food & beverage brought by clients or from other vendors during the event service.

Display & Decorations
- All food will be displayed according to H&CO Event standard template.
- For dessert display, a minimum area of 4m (length) x 2m (width) is required (exclude queue line) for the blue cart and tables.
- Basic blue H&CO foldable backdrop will be provided upon request.
- Any custom display, backdrop or decoration is to be provided by the client or third party (florist, decorator, etc), unless stated otherwise.

Minimum Charge, Deposit & Payment
- Minimum charge of On-site event is IDR 6,800,000 (six million and five hundred thousand rupiah)
- For orders below minimum charge, event setting with 2 (two) butlers service will incur a charge of IDR 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) per service.
A deposit of IDR 4,000,000 (four million rupiah) - non refundable -  is needed to guarantee an event service and to be paid at least 2 (two) weeks before the event date.
- H&CO Priority card is not valid for further discount.
- Final payment is to be settled 3 (three) days before the event.
- If the payment is not settled before the service, H&CO Event has the right to only provide the amount of food based on the amount that already been paid.
Payment is accepted in cash, credit card, payable cheque or bank transfer to: 
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
8250055448 / Howard Chandra

Event Subject Policy
- Any deposit or cost incurred such as corkage charge  from the venue is to be paid by the client.
- In any event of additional electricity supply is needed (for fridge, oven, coffee machine, etc), the arrangement and any surcharge incurred shall be settled by client, unless stated otherwise.
- H&CO Event holds the right to refuse or cancel the event at any time if inappropriate subject matter is established. Subject includes: sexually explicited material, discrimation (religon, gender, age, race, etc), anti-government or political beliefs, or any subject that H&CO may deem inappropriate. Event contents must obey the national and local rules and regulations.

- In case of cancellation or postponement of the event, written notification must be made at least 1 (one) week before the event date.
- H&CO Event can not be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control, such as cancellation due to new law & regulations, force majeure (riots, terrorist attack, insurrection and natural disater such as fire, earthquakes etc) and other similar events. If any mentioned event occurs, H&CO Event will assist clients to make alternative arrangement to the best of its capacity.
- In the event of any cancellation, H&CO Event will not refund or transfer the deposit made.

Allergy, Intolerance and Warnings
- Some of the food items may contain alcohol. Please ask our staffs if you wish to omit any alcohol in the food.
- Please be advised due to the warnings on some of the ingredients used in the kitchen, there may be traces of nut, wheat, soy, meat and dairy in all of our food.

Photography & Publishing
- H&CO Event reserves the right to take photography of the event service for documentation and social media or online publishing purposes.

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